Private Cello Lessons


Now Accepting New Students!


Tuesdays @ CROFTON 11am – 7pm


Thursdays @ ARUNDEL MILLS 11am – 8pm


Virtual Lessons

I am now offering lessons online via Zoom. To set up, simply download the Zoom app to your dedicated device. I will schedule the lessons and send you an email with the calendar invitation and conference link. All you need to do is click on the blue link and the app will automatically pop up to join the lesson.


-You can click on the link whenever and as often as you want. Join the lesson a few minutes before the designated time so you can adjust your video and audio settings and play around with your camera angle.

-Position yourself so that the camera faces you from the front. I will want to see as much of the cello as possible, from the bridge to the pegs. This means, there will most likely be a bit of distance between you and your device, I recommend using something with a bigger screen such as a computer or laptop.

-If you do not have a webcam/mic on your computer, you can use your phone as one and connect it to your computer with the DroidCam app.

-Make sure your audio and video settings are turned on. The microphone and camera icons on the bottom left should be clear (not red or crossed out).

-Turn on “Original Sound”. Zoom has a feature that automatically cancels out what it thinks is echos and “noise”. Unfortunately, this makes music and especially live music extremely choppy and hard to hear on the receiving end. To turn on original sound on a computer/laptop, simply click on the option that appears on your upper left corner of the video. For phone users, you will have to go into your audio settings before the meeting and find the option in the advanced settings.

-You can also record your lessons, just let me know before we start if you wish to record so that I can turn this option on.

Google Drive

You will also receive invitations to view shared Google Drive folders. They will have printable notes and materials from your lessons along with supplementary theory worksheets and more for your reference.